Given the complexity of the energy market, large energy users face difficult decisions when it comes to procuring gas and electricity contracts. With ever increasing non-commodity costs and yo-yoing wholesale prices, it is important that large energy users have access to the latest, up to the minute advice on the best bespoke purchasing strategy that will work for them.

At Cobana Energy, we will help guide you through what can be a minefield of decision making. Whether you should choose a fixed price contract or a flexible contract or whether you should choose a one-year contract or anything up to a five-year contract, Cobana Energy will provide you with all the advice you need to ensure you are best placed to make the right energy purchasing decisions at the right time.

If you are a large energy user, please call us on 01923-729329 and speak to one of our energy professionals about how we can help create a bespoke purchasing plan for you.

  • Corporate pricing
  • Contract end date alignment
  • Bespoke gas pricing
  • Bill Validation
  • Group Pricing